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Paramount Circuit

    Chest Press
    Back Row
    Back Extension
    Lat Pulldown
    Leg Press
    Leg Curl
    Leg Extension
    Leg Abductor
    Tricep Extension
    Bicep Curl
    Abdominal Crunch
    Shoulder Press

Cable Crossover

    Low Row
    Lat Pulldown
    Assist. Chin/Pullup
    Chest Press
    Shoulder Press
    Center Stacks

Free Weights

    3 Combo-bench/squat
    Smith Machine
    Seated Calf Raise
    Hip Sled
    T-Bar Row
    Roman Chair
    Ab Roller
    Ab Crunch Bench
    Inversion Table
    - 2 1/2 to 95lbs

Cardio Machines

    4 Recumbent Bikes
    Upright Bike
    Airdyne Bike
    2 Steppers
    2 Elypticals
    3 Treadmills
    3 Spinning Bikes


    Punching Bag
    Boxes for Stepups
    Ab Rollers
    Assisted Pushups
    Weighted Balls
    Ab Balls
    Peanut Ab Ball
    Sirius Radio

Keyless Entry


Our Staff and Facility

Tom Augustyn, Owner

BS in Education, University of Nebraska-Kearney; Physical Education Endorsement / Exercise Science, University of Nebraska-Kearney Grad School; CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) with NSCA; CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) with NSCA; Member NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association); CPR / AED Certification; Fitness Director and Personal Trainer since 1994, Cottonwood Club and Goodyear Fitness of Lincoln, NE; Football & Wrestling Coach 1988-1992.




Bob Augustyn, Owner

BS in Accounting, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Controller since 1998 for multiple companies; Controller for three finess centers on Texas Instruments Campuses in Dallas, Spring Creek and Sherman, Texas 2005-2006.

Call Bob at 308-227-6150  





Sami Pishna, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Sami has been self-training at Augy’s since October 2009. She began studying and earned her certification from the American Council on Exercise in June 2012 as a Personal Trainer. She is also certified in CPR and AED. Sami offers several flexible plans including hourly training rates, personal and small group packages, and group classes.

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Call Sami at 308-346-5273






Randy Worden, Powerlifting Coach

Randy Worden has had a love for weightlifting since high school. He has competed and coached in powerlifting for over 15 yrs. He completed a course in fitness and nutrition through ICS and currently trains high school kids for powerlifting competitions and helps them prepare for school sports.